splash away


Its time to make one of the final decisions for my kitchen…the backsplash.

Before I discuss what I am contemplating, can I ask you a personal question? How often do you really splash something on the space between the counters and the upper cabinets?

After thinking back over decades of cooking and I admit to one overzealous spaghetti-stirring occasion, other than that, I have led a relatively splatter free life.

The reason I am bringing this up is because it costs a grand or two to tile that wonky little space, whose sole purpose is to brace against splashes. Or is it.

Lets face it …the backsplash has become a artsy place to tile some kitchen coolness. Herringbone patterns and subway tiles are trendiest picks for the splash zone.

Here’s the snag, when I add up the appliances, lighting, custom cabinets and countertops my budget is busted. So I have been searching for something hip and affordable to finish the kitchen.  I am open to trying something new.

There are some really cool “do it yourself “ideas out there that are budget friendly. Although I would like to be clear  that, “do  it yourself” for me usually does begging for help.


Peel & Stick Rock Veneer      Aspect

Did you know that you can get glass & metal tiles are available with an adhesive backing. Are you following me … that means you can peel and still these legit tiles right onto your wall. There are even peel and stick rock surface. I am talking real stacked rock veneer available. No joke.

Then there are these not new, but new to me metal-looking tiles. They measure a massive 24″ long by 18″H which happens to be the exact height of the space between your countertop and upper cabinets. Boom.

They are made of a durable thermal-plastic and come is all kind of finishes and styles that vary from modern looking wavy patterns to the classic tin ceiling looking designs. Plus they are silly affordable. You can install these puppies with a pair of scissors, a ruler and some very sticky – double stick tape in a few of hours.


Ralph Lauren metallic paint

After sending for an embarrassing amount of samples, I settled on really simple hammered design in a galvanized finish. The texture has this beautiful modern vibe and the I love how it catches the light.

Even though the galvanized finish was striking, I decided to paint the tiles with Ralph Lauren’s metallic paint ( his wedding silver color is yummy)  couple of coats, later… I  love it.

One of my favorite things is that even though these tiles look convincingly like metal, you can easily pop a nail though it and hang your art or favorite find onto it.  Just try doing that on your tile backsplash.


Lovin’ that I can hang this flower above my stove

Splash away.


Smash Away – Hammered back splash by Fasade

the barefooted designer,


Check out more of Michaela’s mind blowing photography at http://ristainophotography.com


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