10 things you gotta know before buying a new kitchen…

splash-awayFor months I have spent an absurd amount of time obsessing over buying a new kitchen.  In preparation I’ve been binge watching episodes of HGTV and making notes of mythically beautiful kitchen. 

My current kitchen cabinets are impressively short & were made of cheap laminate 20 years ago. Several of the doors make a skid-ish jump as you pry them open from their fatigued hinges. The speckled formica counter top has bleach rings from several overzealous cleanings. All of the appliances are struggling. In fact, I have started giving them pep talks encouraging them to hang in there a little bit longer. Only 2 burners work on the stove and my refrigerator has started to make this shockingly loud revving sound, as if it’s trying to flee the kitchen like a Toy Story appliance villain.


The barefoot designer,


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One thought on “10 things you gotta know before buying a new kitchen…

  1. As usual, fantastically funny while simultaneously informative: I just learned more about kitchen cabinetry in one article than I have in the prior 20 years. Keep ’em coming!


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